Why I'm Running:

As a former university professor of education and elementary school teacher, I have the educational expertise to serve as a Board Trustee for Brentwood Union School District. I'm running for School Board because Brentwood needs a strong advocate for public education who understands the needs of our diverse students.

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About Me:

Hi! I’m Thuy (Twee) DaoJensen and I’m running for School Board in Brentwood Union School District in Brentwood, California.

At the age of four, I was a boat refugee and escaped with my family from Vietnam. We were rescued by an American naval ship in the Pacific Ocean which took us to a refugee camp before resettling us in the United States.

I learned to speak English in an American public school. The core principle that all children should have access to quality public education and educational opportunities, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, or immigration status, is so important to maintaining our shared values in American democracy. I excelled in school and later obtained a doctorate in education. Before moving back to California, I was a university professor in education where I taught diversity and equity courses, preparing future teachers to work with students from racially and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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